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Blue Tomato x Nitro Snowboards Movie Night



LAYERS is a featured film documentary dedicated to discovering and celebrating the unique people, places, personalities, and layers behind what we call snowboarding. Since the beginning snowboarding has been more than just the act of using a toy during the winter months; an unintentional global culture has been created. There is more to it than what you see on TV, X-Games, the Olympics, video parts, social media, and your favorite pro's Instagram Feed. Snowboarding is the collective of individual local passion for the people, places, community, and the act of sliding with a smile worldwide. LAYERS takes us through some of the most well-known and unknown snowboarding locations, communities, and heroes in search of what makes snowboarding more than just a "sport." Dive into conversations and adventures with some of the most dedicated snowboarders in the world – from park shapers, non-profit organizations, shop floor kids, resort owners, video part legends, current pros, and Gold Medalists to the regular snowboarder. Through this documentary, we have found that snowboarding is a multifaceted ecosystem. Built up of many critical layers balanced together in a world that continues to evolve, and the future depends on every layer within it. Snowboarding is like a flower, and what we currently know is the blossom. Like any living organism, without all the layers, nothing is possible; in turn, these layers have created a culture without borders through snowboarding. LAYERS is a snapshot of some of the people, places, communities, and events that have and continue to shape this snowboarding culture that we are all proud to be a part of. 

CAKE is a full-length featured snowboard film by Nitro Snowboards, which is part of the LAYERS documentary project based on exploring the culture of snowboarding. The CAKE is only possible through the layers' efforts and stability and motivates the progression of culture and new generations to progress. The deeper the layers, the better the CAKE! CAKE is a movie dedicated to showcasing the current level of "fun progression," how pro snowboarders like to ride for fun, and hopefully motivating everyone to get out and go snowboarding with their friends.

Features the groundbreaking snowboarding from the Nitro Snowboard team, Eero Ettala, Marcus Kleveland, Elias Elhardt, Simon Gschaider, Jared Elston, Christy Prior, Dominik Wagner, Celia Petrig, Tom Tramnitz, Griffin Seibert, Sam Taxwood, Torgier Bergrem, Zenja Potapov, Benny Urban, Yanneck Konda, Knut Eliassen, Ludvig Billtoft, Gabriel Almqvist, Hailey Langland, Brantley Mullins, Sean Miskiman, Mateo Massitti, Dia Okajima, Toa Okajima, Yuto Yamada, Alexis Roland, Hunter Goulet, and many more!
We were lucky enough to film on location in Sweden, Japan, USA, Canada, Kosovo, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Austria, and beyond!

Enjoy the action part of our double feature film project, Layers and Cake. Remember, it's the Layers that build up the Cake, and a good cake inspires more people to build more layers!